June 19, 2024


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Arabic Alphabet Support in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Great Plains Dynamics GP is traditionally available in the Middle East and in Arabic speaking countries, plus it is easily adoptable in the countries, where local language is based on Arabic characters. Typically local legislation and government financial reporting requirements are reasonable in Arabic World, so Sales or VAT tax setup for specific country is not a challenge and it could be done as part of Corporate ERP implementation. We will concentrate on technology aspects of supporting Arabic language in Great Plains:

1. Microsoft Dexterity technology and Arabic alphabet. Currently Dexterity supports ASCII table, where each letter representation is restricted to eight bits or one byte or information. And even if Arabic characters could look very sophisticated and similar to hieroglyphs, they are ASCII table compliant

2. Microsoft SQL Server Arabic Language support. MS SQL Server has so-called code pages and collations. if you are in USA and you are installing SQL Server, you will probably never answer the question – what is my collation. The reason is simple – your default SQL Server installation takes defaults from you Windows Server locals, and if those locals are US based, SQL Server assumes that defaults should be US English. If you are adding Arabic country based GP company to your American Headquarters SQL Server – you should change collation on the database level to support Arabic characters

3. Arabic Language support options in Great Plains. If you are programmer – you probably know that you have two options. First is to translate Dexterity string resources from English into Arabic and distribute Dynamics.Dic with translated strings to local users. Second option would be to export String resources to Modifier and distribute Forms.Dic to local users. First option is more powerful, as it has unlimited Dexterity customization possibilities open, but it is also open to potential bugs in Dexterity business logic. We are favoring the second options – Modifier based strings in Arabic

4. Great Plains Reports in Arabic. Similar concept is applicable to GP Report Writer and its main dictionary Reports.dic. Dexterity string resources in Arabic should be imported into Reports.dic. Feel free to modify such important reports as SOP Blank Invoice Form, or whatever you need to be modified in Report Writer

5. Modules required to support Arabic letters. In the case of supporting it in Modifier – you will need Customization Site Enabler license

6. Switching from Arabic to English and back. You have to have two GP workstations installed on your user computer, one is with Arabic language supporting and the second one with standard US English

7. FRx Financial and Consolidated Reporting. Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Statement of Cash Flow and their consolidated versions are regional settings immune

8. GP support for the countries, where Arabic alphabet is in use, but local language is not Arabic. the example would be Afghanistan, where local language is Dari and it is based on Arabic alphabet (or Iran, where local language, Farsi is also based on Arabic). Here the recommended solution would be to translate Dynamics.dic string resources to Dari or Farsi respectively and import them into Forms.dic and Reports.dic