July 24, 2024


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Accucheck Aviva Glucose Meter To Monitor Diabetes

Monitoring diabetes is very important, whether you’re a type 1 or type 2 diabetic.

Though typically, type 1 diabetes requires more intense monitoring due to the use of insulin in treatment that can be affected by diet, exercise, and can cause excessively high or low glucose levels.

To help monitor diabetes, you’ll need a glucometer, or glucose monitor, lancets, and other diabetic supplies.

Let’s have a look at a popular glucose meter the Accu-check Aviva to learn about what features are available in glucose meters generally, and also how this one compares.

The Accucheck Diabetes glucose monitor helps make testing fast and virtually pain free.

1. Small amount of blood required.

Diabetic have been testing themselves for quite sometime. However, the equipment can cause some pain especially of the test has to be repeated several time per week.

The Accucheck Monitor requires much less blood than previous models of tests. This means less poking and less pain. For those that need to do several tests per week this is a welcome change. The Accucheck Monitor needs only a tiny drop of blood – 0.6 microliters to be precise.

This lessens the stress on the fingers as well as reduces the margin for error. Diabetic have fewer tests to repeat due to mistakes.

2. Preloaded drum of 6 lancets.

This means that you don’t have to load a lancet with every single test, saving time and makin git more convenient.

By the way, their Accu-check Compact Plus model has 17 preloaded test lancets, making it even more convenient in this manner.

3. Fast results

It takes 5 seconds for the results to appear. This is good as it saves time waiting.

4. Compact size and design.

The Accucheck Aviva glucose diabetic meter is 3.7 by 2 by 0.9 inches, and has rubber grips that make it easier to hold.

5. You can store information in the glucose meter, including 7, 14, 30 day blood glucose level averages, and download the information to your home computer.

An accucheck glucometer kit comes with everything that you need to perform your blood tests at home. You’ll get complete instructions and warranty information.

Diabetics can face a tough road at times. With the costs involved with medications and testing, their lifestyle may have to suffer. The pain levels involved in previous methods of testing were also one of the many unpleasant things involved in the life of the diabetic.

But getting a quality meter can help to make monitoring diabetes more convenient and more pleasant.