July 24, 2024


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60s Era Was The Time When People Looked For Quality In Food

It was during the 60s that people started to get aware about the importance of healthy food. 60s denote the hippy times and the rock culture where people were exploring new ways and trends in their lives and it was then that new and excellent blends of foods were being introduced and gained a lot of popularity, which then progressed with time. If you are throwing a 60s party, your arrangements must be an exact mirror image of that time, so that you can know the true sense of how it is felt to be in the 60s.

The culture of the 60s was the time when people started the vegetarian style food, which was gaining a lot of popularity at that time. Well things can be tweaked a little to add taste and style so as to avoid a totally vegetarian party. For this party, you can make a Vegetable Medley In Garlic-Chile Sauce. In this recipe you will find vegetables that are spicy with garlicky taste spread over the crisp fried corn tortilla. This does not end here but also has crumbled cheese, onions that are thinly sliced, as well as oregano. Yum.

The 60s party would rock with the Pumpkin Clafouti, which is a sugary pancake that is filled with cherries and any other fruits of your choice. When it bakes, it just surrounds the fruits and turns brown, which gives a very elegant color and crust to the Clafouti. To this recipe, one can also add nuts just to allow the guests to make crunching noises at the end of the feast. Smiles. All your careful workup for the party is going to get you labeled as an excellent chef and will be something that they will be looking forward to time and time again.