June 19, 2024


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Word Jumble Maker

Word jumbles are a type puzzles based around finding words within a grid of letters. The grid is usually rectangular or square, but other shapes can be used as well as long as the letters are arranged in rows and columns. Hidden within the grid of letters are words. These words can be placed in any orientation, vertically (downwards or upwards), horizontally (left to right, or right to left) or any of the four diagonal directions. To solve the puzzle, the task is to find each of the hidden words and circle each of them. Generally players are told exactly what words to look for within the word jumble, but for a harder puzzle the players would instead just be a given clue as to the type or theme of words to look for.

Many people, including of course kids, enjoy word jumbles as a leisure activity. It should however also be remembered that these puzzles can also have educational benefits. This is because if a child wants to solve one of theses puzzle, they not only have to pay close attention to task of solving the puzzle, but also to exact spelling of the words that they are looking for.

You can create word jumbles using a number of different methods. Perhaps the most obvious idea is to create them using a pencil and paper – however you will find this very time consuming – it’s extremely difficult to design a puzzle by hand that contains many overlapping words. Computers however can make light word of creating word jumbles: simply enter a list of words into word jumble maker software, click a button, and the puzzle will appear in moments. If you don’t like the first puzzle that is generated, click the button again, and a new one is created in an instant.