July 24, 2024


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The Use of a Scrapbook As Design Inspiration For Graphic Artists

A ‘scrap’ is a small piece of something. A scrapbook is an album or digital content in which a collection of graphic design samples are posted or kept as a reference material. It is a book with empty pages on which the graphic artist sticks or pastes these small samples for future use. Items that can be found in a scrapbook include pictures, drawings, lettering styles, cut out pieces from magazines, posters, packages, labels, cartoons etc. Scrapbooking is the best way of preserving important information that would be relevant to the artist while attending to his duties. It is also an important aid that assists him in preserving his personal and family history.

The scrapbook is different from a portfolio in that a portfolio is a collection of only the works of the artist while a scrapbook contains both the works of the artist and more importantly the works of others. Some of the importance includes:

1. It serves as a reference material- The scrapbook helps the graphic artist to make a quick reference to his own creative works. This inference helps him to produce similar works with less stress. He can also use it to make reference to his capabilities to new clients who would like to see photo evidence of the creative prowess of the artist.

2. It serves as a storehouse for the preservation of graphic design works- It serves as a place where the graphic artist stores all his creative works and that of other seasoned graphic artists who are sources of inspiration to the graphic designer.

3. It assists the graphic artist in executing jobs- It serves as a memory aid when executing projects in graphic design. It helps the artist in picking harmonious colours and forms for his productions.

4. It serves as an inspirational tool for the graphic designer- The works of other artists in the scrapbook serves as strings of motivation and inspiration to the graphic artist. They give the artist a feeling of enthusiasm that boosts his morale and puts before him a challenge for the creation of better works full of new and creative ideas.

5. It serves as a guide to the graphic artist- The works in it serves as a tutor for the graphic artist on effective ways and procedures for producing specific works in the field of graphic design. It defines the parameters for the execution of graphic design works such as posters, book jackets, banners, billboards, labels, greeting cards etc.