June 19, 2024


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The Cross of Planning: Ending the Era of Rules and Regulations

Anyone who is remotely awake and aware can see that there are significant changes occurring in our world right now. Some people will find them disturbing because they are seeing these changes in what used to be considered a stable and reasonably predictable society. If you take a deeper look into what society has become you will see a very different story. What we may have perceived as safety is much more sinister. The media is deliberately feeding us propaganda so that we believe that we have reason to be afraid, reason to agree with the fight against “terrorism” and support the unnecessary invasion of countries that have done nothing to harm us. More devious control through the social services is perceived to be for our own well-being; schools are controlling the free minds of our children with concepts such as “vaccinations save lives” so that they grow up appreciating the pharmaceutical industry. We are subtly “mind controlled”.

In every area of our life there are unnecessary controls and systems that interfere with our own personal freedom. We are watched by cameras from every street corner and people already have microchips implanted. We believe that this is for our own protection and appreciate that we are being properly “taken care of”. Recently we were told about a surgeon who was routinely implanting a microchip each time he operated on a patient. It was only when he retired that a chip was found by his successor in one of his patients who needed further work on his hip replacement. What else do we not know about?

We are coming to the end of an era which is governed by a planetary influence of “planning”. It began approximately 400 years ago and has 17 years to go before we move into the next 400 years which is about “freedom and love”; then we move into the Age of Aquarius. What is happening right now is that we have come to an extreme with planning of towns, cities, schools, local councils, health systems, banks, insurance companies, transport systems, work, who lives where and why. Planning is how thousands of restaurants in our capital cities get food delivered from the farm to the central collection point, to the wholesaler, to the restaurant supplier and finally to the restaurant. At each stage a cost is added. Our entire life is organised and we are told what to do. Money rules this era. Most people seem to like being looked after in return for being paid; but it means we are not free, we are not individuals – we are simply a homogenised group of people all being treated the same way. Even our legal system is devious, but I won’t go into that right now. Graeme is doing a great job discovering the amount of fraud that actually takes place. I’ll leave it to him, but personally I’m fascinated when he tells me about it. Recently I read Mary Croft’s book which everyone needs to read. It’s a free download and will open your eyes. Go to spiritual economics (dot) net and click on Mary’s Book.

As we moved into this planning era 400 years ago, we can see how life became more organised. Schools were being set up to educate people so that they could earn a proper living by being a part of this process of organisation. The Industrial Revolution was a key piece highlighting this era. For instance, an author of the time, Robert E. Lucas, wrote “For the first time in history, the living standards of the masses of ordinary people have begun to undergo sustained growth…. Nothing remotely like this economic behavior has happened before.”

This is what happens when we move into a new era. It carries a planetary influence that affects every single one of us; our behaviour changes. The transition is gradual; for about a 50 year period our behaviour gradually shifts to the new influences. We evolve; that is what our genes love to do. Before the planning era, we were living in a very mind oriented phase; back then we were meant to be mental beings. But when we moved from that influence of mind into influence of Planning we became nine-centred beings instead of seven centred beings and it was the beginning of our wake up process. This is what Ra Uru Hu, the developer of Human Design has said about the shift:

We are here to be deeply, deeply aware. We are here to be nine-centred beings, not seven centred beings.

Are you willing to make a change in your life?

It all comes down to mind. The seven-centred being was all mind. That natural order is now lost. The culture of the past is deeply rooted in the mind.


We have a way of being bio-mechanically that is different. The mind is not in control. The current programme is all about discovery.”

For the last 400 years we have been trying to make that shift where we are not in the mind, but are more aware of our body’s response mechanisms. We are not mental beings; we are spiritual beings experiencing what it feels like to be in a body. It’s just an experiment. Until we know it’s just an experiment we will stay in that mental place and try and make life work out the way we think we want it to.

Of course that can never happen. Mental plans are not reliable and so cannot consistently work. Perhaps 50% of the time they do. But we know it’s a gamble. All of the organisation and planning that is going on right now is just someone’s idea that may or may not work. A new government comes in and they change the plans. All they are changing is the way that the people of the country are controlled.

Right now, we are measuring ourselves against out-dated goals; we are living by a system that is no longer relevant. We are being mentally processed by schools, governments and other organisations that we allow to have authority over us. We seek success through obsolete beliefs, but we stick to the past because we perceive it as safe.

By 2027 our lives will be very, very different. If you like the planning and the organisation, the control, the state dependency and the lack of any need to be aware, then you will find it hard to survive in the new era. If you want freedom and love, and a more personal level of organising your own life then that is what we will see in the next era. There will be no financial institutions, there will be no health system, there will be no social services taking care of those who are in need, there will be no planned cities and no town or city councils.

Living within the “not-self” conditioned world as most of us are, it is not easy to see what is really going on. Opening our eyes and being awake allows us to see the truth. The body senses tell us it is the truth, although the mind will try to convince us otherwise. The mind loves to win, but it has no idea of the truth; only the body knows the truth. Separating from the struggle and allowing life to naturally flow takes a tremendous amount of stress away from our lives. Stress stops us from living in the body where we should be.

The transition to the next era when the sleeping phoenix will rise from the ashes will be much easier when we can let life unfold; when we can see the gift in each situation and know that there is correctness to that unfolding process. Those who insist on staying the way they are, bowing to the unnatural and unnecessary legal structure of the planning era believing it to be correct, will find it very difficult over the next few years. Many people have been approaching 2012 with some level of curiosity. It is a point of change when the last Mayan holding a particular genetic stream dies and starts to make way for this new era. December 21st 2012 is relevant as a point of mutative change. Life as we used to know it has already started to fall apart; those who depend on the state to survive may need to find other means of support; families will have to take care of their own. It may sound harsh, but it will be a much more community oriented way of life, more loving, more caring and yet very individual. We will need to know who we are and how to survive.

Current communities find it hard to allow the natural hierarchy to take place – when we know who we are, when we feel safe and solid about our own survival then we are much more willing to share and to let the natural leaders take charge. If we think we have something to prove then we want to be in charge; we are competitive and greedy. When we know that only 30% of the population has this competitive gene then we can let go of the need to prove ourselves and just be ourselves.

There are people who enjoy taking care of the needs of the tribe; they will be the people who make sure that we have the food, shelter and warmth that we need. Others will be teachers; sharing their wisdom, knowing what practical advice is needed; others will be showing the way forward. If we don’t know our own role in this future; if we want it to stay the same so that we are just robots, cogs in a wheel, then we won’t enjoy the process. If we can shake off the shackles of the current era, move from the mind space into the body, the heart place, we will find the greatest potential for freedom in all forms, that we could ever imagine. Are you willing to start your own experiment of knowing who you really are?

Finally, here is more from Ra Uru Hu:

“The mind will try to make the decision about whether you are willing to change or not. We are not like 7-centred beings. Our mind in these 9-centred vehicles is not here to be in charge. In the end it’s only about you and your battle with your mind. The journey for Generators is to discover the sacral response. It is incredible, of immense value and will always take care of them. The mind is only good for measurement. It does not know what is good for you. It has no idea who you are.

How afraid human beings are that they cannot stand on their own authority. How ignorant they are that they do not know how to stand on their own authority, that you give up your life, you give up your promise, your purpose, your potential, and you throw it away for what – an illusion? When Human Design came into the world, it came to announce the presence of this nine-centred transitional form. This is what we are and we have to discover it. We have to nurture it, and not for some generalized result, but so that each and every one of you can live out the uniqueness that you have a right to. You have a right.”

If you are willing to be a part of this process, start by finding out whether you are a Generator or another type. 70% of the population are Generators; they are the ones needed to do the work that is necessary in the world right now; helping people wake up. You can find out so much on the Human Design website jovianarchive (dot) com I highly recommend going to the “Newcomers” section to download a free pdf file of ‘The Differentiation Lectures’

You can only gain wisdom; there is nothing to lose. We learn never to judge others because they are not like us, and never to take anything personally. We revel in our own uniqueness and settle in the body because now we can like who we are and let go of those who aren’t right for us. The concept of “people pleasing” is simply no longer relevant when we are authentic. People respect our authenticity without challenging it. The whole process is awesome!