May 29, 2024


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Renting Baby Heartbeat Monitors – How Good Are They?

Baby heartbeat monitor is quite an expensive thing to buy. Moreover, they are of no use once the baby is born. So, it is better to rent a used monitor instead of buying a baby heartbeat monitor. You can find many companies online which offer Fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitors on rent.

How does a Fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitor work?

The instrument sends ultrasound which is a collection of high frequency sound waves to the fetus through the mother’s womb. The ultrasound waves change its frequency when it bounces off the beating heart of the fetas. There is a hand held device that reads the receiving ultrasound waves and converts them to sound and gives a digital readout of the heart rate.

How to use the baby heart beat monitor at home

A fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitor is very easy to use. When you are an expecting mom, you just need to place the probe on your lower abdomen and move it slowly until you hear your baby’s heartbeat. You can use a gel on the abdomen to reduce outside noise as well as protect the probe.

Where to rent

According to the FDA, you need a prescription to hire or purchase a heart beat monitor. You can find FDA approved home fetal Doppler rentals in medical clinics and local hospitals. When you have a prescription, it is better to go through different sites online before buying one.

For people, who have a strict budget, renting a monitor is the best choice. There are many reputed Fetal Doppler rental companies who offer good discounts if you rent for a longer period of time. But, before going for a rental Doppler, you must check the company’s correct certifications for the quality, cleanliness and safety of the wares. Some companies even offer insurance options that are very helpful if you ever face any kind of accident.

Time required for rental

You can rent a Fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitor for one or any number of months you want. There are many companies who offer discounts and incentives if you rent for a longer period of time.

How the rental billing is done

The rental billing for a Fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitor is usually done by charging your credit card with the rental fee along with any shipping charges on the day you place your order. You are then charged monthly rental fee every month after your first rental term.

Disadvantages of home monitoring systems

The biggest disadvantage about these home heartbeat monitors is that mothers who use them often neglect the need to go to a doctor. You should always remember that it is not an alternate to prenatal care.