June 19, 2024


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Find All Command and Advanced Searches in Microsoft Excel 2007

In Microsoft Excel, you can use Find All Function to help you summarize a list of matches you could find from the keyword that you entered. While Find command only help you to scroll through the worksheet one at a time, Find All Command help to show you all the matches with their exact location in the worksheet itself.

Follow the path : Home — > Find & Select — > Find — > Options — > Find All button, you will activate the Find All command. Find All command will actually searches the entire worksheet at one go, that it list down the matches for the user.

However, Find All command doesn’t guide you through each match one by one. You will have to select one of your preferences from the list of results, just click on one of the matches and Microsoft Excel will bring you there.

There are more searches options that you could find when you activate the Options in the Find and Replace menu, the path is the same as activating the Find All command: Home — > Find & Select — > Find — > Options.

If you want to search across different workbook, you can go to Within box and select Workbook. By default it is to search by Sheet, which is the active worksheet that you are working. By selecting Workbook option, you will actually telling Microsoft Excel to search through every worksheet in the workbook.

If you want to change the direction of searching, you can change the option in the Search box. By default, Microsoft Excel will search through the worksheet from one row to another. However, you can change the option to By Column, which will change the direction of searching from row to column.

The Match Case check box will allow you to find the exact match of your search, which includes capitalization. Say for example, you want to find “Table” and not “table”, you can click on the check box and Microsoft Excel will ignore “table”, it will show you only all the match of “table with capital “T”, or “Table.

The Match entire cell contents check box will allow you to find the exact match as according to the word you wish to find. For example, if you want to find location that contains “table”, Microsoft Excel will show you anywhere in the worksheet with table as part of the sentence, such as “Table A”, “we have tables”, or “Table of preference”. If you check the box Match entire cell contents, Microsoft Excel will specifically find contents that match exactly the search words. If you type “table”, Microsoft excel will ignore “Table A”, “we have tables”, or “Table of preference”, and only list down cell with “table” only.